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Every web-hosting service collects some statistics about users who hit a given site. The Atheist Bible administrator can go to the hosting control panels and see information about IP addresses that have come to the site, time of day during which the site is most accessed, distribution of client operating systems and browser choices, etc. Such tracking is ubiquitous, and largely unavoidable.

Additionally, The Atheist Bible uses the WikkaWiki open-source wiki code as its foundation. This code stores a number of tracking files, or "cookies," on your computer when you visit, in order to enhance your experience. (For example, if you are a registered user, there will be cookies to track your username and [hashed] password so you may not have to manually log in on your next visit.)

The Atheist Bible does not do any additional tracking. There are no other cookies than those necessary for the WikkaWiki to function. Nobody at The Atheist Bible is paying any attention to who you are or what other websites you have visited. As you may have noticed, there is no advertising on the site so there is no incentive to collect any kind of information about the visitors.

Barring any changes to this policy (which will be noted here), your personal information and browsing history is safe with us.

See also the Terms Of Service page for more information.
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