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======Welcome to the Atheist Bible======
Greetings, and welcome to the Atheist Bible, a study guide to what is probably the most influential book in the history of mankind. Use of this site is subject to the site's [[TermsOfService Terms of Service]] and indicates that you have read and agreed to those terms.

The purpose of this site is to provide a resource for people interested in the conflicts, inconsistencies, and controversies in the Bible, where people can share information in civil discourse. This site is not meant to offend anybody. It is a site for education.

If you would like to contribute to this site, we welcome crowd-sourcing efforts. Be aware, though, that we will not tolerate intolerance. We also will not tolerate vandalism. If you are found to be creating things that are offensive, your account will be closed and your changes will be reverted. Period.

To get an account, send a message to the address "signup" at this domain. (Pardon us for not creating the actual link there, it will get enough spam already.) Your e-mail subject must be "account request" or it will be ignored. (See? We're already weeding out people who can't follow directions.) Provide the username you would like to use on this site. The e-mail account you use to request the username will be associated with the account. This is a manual process for now, so it may be several days before we respond.

Meanwhile, browse through what's already in the system if you like. There isn't much yet, but it's growing.

====Old Testament====
- [[CategoryGenesis Genesis]]
- [[CategoryExodus Exodus]]
- [[CategoryLeviticus Leviticus]]
- [[CategoryNumbers Numbers]]
- [[CategoryDeuteronomy Deuteronomy]]
- [[CategoryJoshua Joshua]]
- [[CategoryJudges Judges]]
- [[CategoryRuth Ruth]]
- [[CategoryFirstSamuel First Samuel]]
- [[CategorySecondSamuel Second Samuel]]
- [[CategoryFirstKings First Kings]]
- [[CategorySecondKings Second Kings]]
- [[CategoryFirstChronicles First Chronicles]]
- [[CategorySecondChronicles Second Chronicles]]
- [[CategoryEzra Ezra]]
- [[CategoryNehemiah Nehemiah]]
- [[CategoryEsther Esther]]
- [[CategoryJob Job]]
- [[CategoryPsalms Psalms]]
- [[CategoryProverbs Proverbs]]
- [[CategoryEcclesiastes Ecclesiastes]]
- [[CategorySongOfSolomon Song Of Solomon]]
- [[CategoryIsaiah Isaiah]]
- [[CategoryJeremiah Jeremiah]]
- [[CategoryLamentations Lamentations]]
- [[CategoryEzekiel Ezekiel]]
- [[CategoryDaniel Daniel]]
- [[CategoryHosea Hosea]]
- [[CategoryJoel Joel]]
- [[CategoryAmos Amos]]
- [[CategoryObadiah Obadiah]]
- [[CategoryJonah Jonah]]
- [[CategoryMicah Micah]]
- [[CategoryNahum Nahum]]
- [[CategoryHabakkuk Habakkuk]]
- [[CategoryZephaniah Zephaniah]]
- [[CategoryHaggai Haggai]]
- [[CategoryZechariah Zechariah]]
- [[CategoryMalachi Malachi]]
====New Testament====
- [[CategoryMatthew Matthew]]
- [[CategoryMark Mark]]
- [[CategoryLuke Luke]]
- [[CategoryJohn John]]
- [[CategoryActs Acts]]
- [[CategoryRomans Romans]]
- [[CategoryFirstCorinthians First Corinthians]]
- [[CategorySecondCorinthians Second Corinthians]]
- [[CategoryGalatians Galatians]]
- [[CategoryEphesians Ephesians]]
- [[CategoryPhilippians Philippians]]
- [[CategoryColossians Colossians]]
- [[CategoryFirstThessalonians First Thessalonians]]
- [[CategorySecondThessalonians Second Thessalonians]]
- [[CategoryFirstTimothy First Timothy]]
- [[CategorySecondTimothy Second Timothy]]
- [[CategoryTitus Titus]]
- [[CategoryPhilemon Philemon]]
- [[CategoryHebrews Hebrews]]
- [[CategoryJames James]]
- [[CategoryFirstPeter First Peter]]
- [[CategorySecondPeter Second Peter]]
- [[CategoryFirstJohn First John]]
- [[CategorySecondJohn Second John]]
- [[CategoryThirdJohn Third John]]
- [[CategoryJude Jude]]
- [[CategoryRevelation Revelation]]

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