Hebrews 13:14

Today (June of 2016) I saw an image on Facebook posted by a group named ITEC, the Indigigenous People's Technology and Education Center, a missionary group that looks to promote technology and training systems to assist with expanding Christianity throughout the world. Facebook page

The image showed an arial photograph of a densly-packed city (devoid of high rises), with text overlaid that said, "This world is not my home" and then a citation of Hebrews 13:14.

Here we are at Hebrews 13:14, and yes, I'd say that's clearly a valid interpretation of this scripture.

What concerns me about this is that it instantly becomes license for believers to not have any concerns about this world, which they see as transient. It's clear to me now why so many people are so willing to do so much to destroy this world, and that's a sad thing.

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