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It is the intent of The Atheist Bible to be public domain. All content collected in the work should be public domain, or a fair-use reference to a copyrighted work.

Contributors to The Atheist Bible are required to release their contributions to the public domain. Any contributor who infringes on the rights of others does so at his or her own responsibility, and anyone found to be doing so will be warned on the first instance, and banned on the second. Infringing content will be removed from the site.

The Atheist Bible is hosted by a U.S. company and administered by a U.S. citizen. U.S. law will be the context in which any issues should be addressed.

If you believe that content on this site infringes your copyright, please send an e-mail to "infringement" at this domain ( with an explanation of your complaint, and include the word "infringement" in your subject line.

Repeated use of that e-mail address for any other purpose is contrary to the Terms of Service for use of this site, and subject to appropriate penalties.

This site is built on the WikkaWiki foundation, which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Modifications to the source material have been made to support the display of lines of scripture at the top of each wiki page that references the scripture. That code is available on request. Send your request to "coderequest" at this domain, with "Code Request" in the subject line.
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