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The Gospels

The Gospels are the first four books of the New Testament, and provide the details of the life of Jesus.

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CategoryJohn [The Gospel of John]
CategoryLuke [The Gospel of Luke]
CategoryMark [The Gospel of Mark]
CategoryMatthew [The Gospel of Matthew]
John-1-18 [John 1:18]
John-10-30 [John 10:30]
John-14-28 [John 14:28]
John-19-30 [John 19:30]
John-8-44 [John-8-44]
Luke-11-2 [Luke 11:2]
Luke-23-46 [Luke 23:46]
Mark-15-34 [Mark 15:34]
Matthew-19-26 [Matthew 19:26]
Matthew-27-46 [Matthew 27:46]
Matthew-5-17 [Matthew 5:17]
Matthew-6-9 [Matthew 6:9]
Matthew-7-8 [Matthew 7:8]

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