Verses within the book of Exodus that have commentary:

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CategoryOldTestament [CategoryOldTestament]
CategoryPentateuch [CategoryPentateuch]
CategoryTheTenCommandments [The Ten Commandments]
Exodus-20-10 [Exodus 20:10]
Exodus-20-12 [Exodus 20:12]
Exodus-20-13 [Exodus 20:13]
Exodus-20-14 [Exodus 20:14]
Exodus-20-15 [Exodus 20:15]
Exodus-20-16 [Exodus 20:16]
Exodus-20-17 [Exodus 20:17]
Exodus-20-3 [Exodus 20:3]
Exodus-20-4 [Exodus 20:4]
Exodus-20-5 [Exodus 20:5]
Exodus-20-6 [Exodus 20:6]
Exodus-20-7 [Exodus 20:7]
Exodus-20-8 [Exodus 20:8]
Exodus-20-9 [Exodus 20:9]
Exodus-33-23 [Exodus 33:23]
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Romans-13-9 [Romans 13:9]

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