Abomination is a highly charged word in Leviticus. It is often used by the anti-gay movement. This category will collect references to the word.

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CategoryHomosexuality [Homosexuality]
Leviticus-11-10 [Leviticus 11:10]
Leviticus-11-13 [Leviticus 11:13]
Leviticus-11-41 [Leviticus 11:41]
Leviticus-18-22 [Leviticus 18:22]
Leviticus-18-26 [Leviticus 18:26]
Leviticus-19-6 [Leviticus 19:6]
Leviticus-7-18 [Leviticus 7:18]
Leviticus-7-21 [Leviticus 7:21]

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